Updated Ph of Huel White and Black

@Dan_Huel I have interstial cystitis and looking toward a more alkalizing diet. Even though I’m aware that the “science” surrounding it is, at best, controversial, anecdotally it seems many sufferers have benefited.

I have seen that older versions of Huel White were 6.4 ph. Are there numbers for 3.0 and Black?

Unfortunately, we don’t have updated values but I would guess the pH would be pretty similar. Don’t forget the liquid you add to your Huel can also affect the pH so you could try that.

Thanks, Dan. Yes, I am using almond milk and adding leafy greens to the shake which should, if Huel is still at the 6.4 mark, put me in the right range.

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You could buy some pH test paper, make a normal serving of huel to test, and test it. You would have to waste a serving of huel each time you tested it but at least you would know the pH. At least I think that would work… I guess it’s possible that the pH wouldn’t be accurate if some of the stuff doesn’t dissolve into the mixture? There are also some cheap pH meters on amazon etc.

I was wondering if those test strips would work with something as dense as Huel. I’ll have to look into it. Thanks.