I’m new here and eager to learn

Hi, everyone! New USA user here. So far the early indications are positive. My MD recommended that I substitute a protein shake for at least one meal a day and try to lose 20-30 lbs, and I’m going to try. I’ve done two scoops a day for the last two days and my energy level seems a bit improved already.

A couple of notes:

  1. Like some others, I’m having some abdominal discomfort as my body adjusts. High fiber consumption isn’t usually a problem for me, so I don’t think that’s the culprit. Maybe the sucralose?

  2. Started with the chocolate flavor (powder, not RTD). I find it too sweet for my taste, so I’ve started adding unsweetened cocoa powder to it, which gives me about the right balance.

Looking forward to learning more from y’all and from my own experience.

Good luck in your journey.

I cannot comment on why your abdominal discomfort might be, but let’s hope it is the adjustation period.

I think answering to your second point, and related to your first, you might find the Unflavoured Unsweetened the right fit for you. Perhaps not on its own, but as a 50/50 mix with the chocolate.

Heyo! Huel has lots of fiber–so there may be some stomach discomfort as your body adjust. Generally this settles in 4 weeks.

I recommend getting some unflavored Huel to combat the sweetness. That’s what I personally do!