Huel Black question

I’m thinking of switching to Huel black because it doesn’t use artificial sweeteners. Been reading some that artificial sweaters can make depression worse. I’m bipolar and I don’t want to make things worse for myself. I don’t really work out or anything so I’m wondering if the extra protein and fewer carbs might be a detriment for me. For just regular folks would Huel Black be ok or is it mainly for people with higher protein requirements like althletes?

Hey @Forgotmymeds!

I don’t see any reason why the protein content of Huel Black Edition wouldn’t be ok so long as you do not have any protein restrictions. And I completely understand what you’re saying - but please know that you do not have to have increased protein requirements to consume Huel Black Edition. It can also just come down to your preferences for macronutrients or ingredients. :slight_smile:

I’d also love to take a look at some of the research you’ve been reading too. Would you be able to send along?

Lasty, I did want to mention that we also have an unsweetened and unflavored version of our v3.0 powder if you would like to have a bit more carbs. With this option, you can then add in your own flavoring/sweetener to adjust it more to your preferences (though I know this has a few additional steps)!

Thanks for the response! Here is one study. I’m working now. I’ll try to find more on my break or after work.

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Thanks so much for sending, I am going to give this a read!