Allergy to Berry Huel

I am fairly new to using Huel and loving it so far! I just got my second shipment in last month and got to try the new Vanilla and Berry Huel. I still like the Vanilla, unfortunately I seem to be allergic to the Berry Huel flavoring! I tried it a few times, and different ways, just to make sure it was a reaction to the Huel itself. I don’t have any issue with the Vanilla, but the Berry definitely causes an allergic reaction in me. I was looking forward so much to it, and I like the flavor, but just cannot drink it safely. :frowning:

That is berry bad indeed. At least you have the other flavours. Not sure why this would be though.

So strange–I’m sorry to hear that! Would you like me to send you a different flavor? We have vanilla, chocolate, and unflavored.

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Thank you! I’m sad too, it was a good flavor.

I would love to try the chocolate, please.

Thank you so much! You all have been great!

Sending you a bag now!

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I know this thread is a bit old, but wanted to chime in and say I have the same issue. For some reason, the berry flavor makes me ill.

What flavors do you typically use?

Thank you so much Tyler!! :smiley:

I’m sorry you experienced it too, Atopa. I’m thinking that it’s an allergy to some of the things used as berry flavoring. Have you had any issue with berry or fruit flavored things before? I typically don’t, but very occasionally there is some sort of flavoring that does this. Found out through a horrible allergic reaction to flavored vodka once. I didn’t expect it to happen with Huel. I hope the other flavors work for you!

I don’t have an allergy, but the berry flavor seems to give me diarrhea and even more explosive gas. Don’t think I’ll be buying it again.

I’m so sorry to hear that, Mike! Sometimes our bodies have a slight adjustment period to using Huel on a daily basis. If you have any follow up questions, I would love to assist further! :grin: