Potential Problem


I ordered Huel a few weeks ago hoping to be a little healthier and have a quicker breakfast. I got the regular vanilla flavor. I received it on Friday and figured I’d try it for dinner. I mixed it up using the directions and put it in the fridge for about an hour. After i drank / ate it my throat started to itch. i broke out in Hives and my hands and feet swelled. After about 45 minutes i my throat quit itching. when i tried to go to bed i got a little angry because my feet wouldn’t quit itching. I stomped to the bathroom and that was apparently the wrong thing to do. My vision went out, my hearing went out, and i collapsed to the floor. i was unable to see hear or move for about 2 minutes. I’ve never had a food allergy before and i love to eat. This has been an interesting experience.

So then what happened?

I got up dunked my feet in the hottest water i could stand and went to bed. it still took a bit because my back was itching but that was easier to ignore. I woke up the next day and still had a few hives and mild itching. the biggest issue after that was the fatigue i had for the next 48 hours. the hives went away but the itching remained for roughly 5 days. now everything is back to normal. This was my first bout with a food allergy. I didn’t know i had any food allergies and the doctor can’t figure out what caused it.

I suspect you aren’t interested in further investigation if you believe that horrible experience is caused by something in Huel - but I’m curious what could cause such an extreme reaction.

And you really didn’t come into contact with any other new experience - like poison ivy …or new detergents/dyes …or other stuff you haven’t thought of (which i know is a tough ask since you don’t think of it)

I hope you can figure it out though, so you can avoid whatever it is that causes that reaction

Holy shnikeees. This is quite the food allergy here. I am wondering if you may have had some kind of low blood sugar along with this. Although in a severe “Type 1 hypersensitivity” allergy reaction with all that histamine release, you can see a drop in blood pressure. Histamine is a vasodilator and then some of the intra-vascular fluid leaks out of the vessels into the tissue (the interstitial space) and causes that swelling. Less blood in the central vascular as a result and blood pressure can drop.

Well, make sure to check Huel’s ingredients. You want to try and find what might be the allergen.

I assume you’ve had peas, oats, flaxseed, sunflowers, and brown rice before? Any allergies to these components? Have you ever had a reaction to stevia or sucralose (Splenda)? Any problems with artificial vanilla flavoring.

Regardless of the component, please ask your primary doctor about the possibility of a script for an epinephrine auto-injector. And, for the love of all that is holy, if you ever lose consciousness from an allergic reaction again, go to the emergency room afterwards. This ain’t a situation where you drink some Benadryl liquid and have a funny date night, ala that scene in Hitch.


It’s been a few days since your incident. Have you been to a health care provider and arranged allergy testing?

I’m curious to find out what ingredient(s) has caused this severe reaction.

Good luck.

There is a small chance the original post was just trolling.

I haven’t officially been to a doctor yet. i work in a hospital and I’ve spoken to a few. They all pretty much tell me the same thing. i need to setup an appointment for the skin prick test along with the blood test. i haven’t done that yet. i have insurance but even with the insurance its still expensive. it’s on my list of things to do when i can afford it.

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I’ve had peas, oats, sunflowers, and brown rice before. I’m not sure if I’ve had flax seed. I know I’m not allergic to splenda and I’ve never had a reaction to artificial vanilla flavoring. as for the losing consciousness I didn’t actually lose consciousness. my vision went black, my hearing went to nothing, and i hit the floor. i was completely conscious just unable to see, hear, or move for roughly 2 minutes. There is nothing i can do to prove i’m not trolling. I just wanted to put the experience out there and see if anyone has had any similar reactions / let others know to check the ingredient list beforehand and to be just a little careful. I had high hopes for Huel. it didn’t fail and from what i can see it’s some amazing stuff. I just can’t drink it.

I’m a creature of habit. the only change that day was Huel.

Well take care, and good luck with having the tests done.

My husband started drinking the shakes about a month ago he has no known food allergies and then about a week ago he had a severe allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital and get some IVs and have them calm down the reaction. Then last night he had to go to the ER again because he had another reaction this time worse his throat started to close fast forward to today he’s back in the ER with another reaction the only difference to his diet and every day life style is also the huel shakes I’m wondering if there’s something in there that’s causing this.

It’s possible your husband has had an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients such as flaxseed.

I would advise against consuming Huel until your husband has been diagnosed by a doctor.