Huel and camping/bicycle touring

3 questions:

Say I mix 2 scoops with room temperature (25C/75F) water, how long does Huel keep once mixed? (assuming it stays room temperature the entire time)

In your opinion, is the texture better right after mixing, or have you had a better experience letting it sit for a while?

Those of you who are physically active and need a lot of calories, does Huel keep you filled? I’ve been more active than usual, due to having time off work, and I’m running through a lot of it lately!

Odd questions right?

Well, I’m a very new user planning on bringing Huel (and lots of water!) with me on a bicycle tour 3 days long, and doing a bit of camping. I think it’ll be better than relying on trail mix and restaurants (which likely will be closed due to COVID anyway).

I’m always open to ideas, warnings, etc. Feel free to chime in!

Around 24 hours.

Depends on what you prefer. Letting it sit will result in it thickening up more and some people say it makes a smoother texture.

I’ll leave this to the other Hueligans but because Huel is high in protein and fibre this aids satiety. If you want to stay fuller for longer then have youe Huel over a longer time.

No question is odd!

Welcome to Huel and best of luck!

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