Does it have to stay cold

Can I drink from my shaker when it is warm or add a few ice cubes when needed.
I would like to take it to work.

The official recommendations from the Huel site I think it to consume within an hour or two after mixing if it’s stored at room temperature. And you can store at cool/refrigerator temp for up to 24 hours after mixing.

Unofficially, it’s up to you. There is a decent amount of fat in the formula and fats can grow rancid if the Huel is stored at a warm enough temp for enough time. At room temp, it’s probably okay for several hours, IMO. But I wouldn’t chance it beyond that. There was a report of someone who left their Huel drink in a hot car for an afternoon and it had a very rancid smell to it. Just like you wouldn’t store regular food in a hot car.

I mix at home, and take to work in an insulated lunch bag with those blue cold packs that can be reused. It stays good for like 12 hours. And if I didn’t drink some of it, I put in the fridge when I get home and drink it by next day. I’ve consumed cold stored Huel drinks 48 hours after mixing and it was fine.

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Super Thanks for responding

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