Can I refrigerate and save for later?

This has happened a couple times- I just mixed a huel powder and made my drink but then something comes up and I’m not able to drink it right away. Once the mix is combined with water, is there any shelf life in a refrigerator? Trondrink in a few hours or the next day?

I have mixed Huel and kept cold for up to 48 hours and consumed. It was just fine.

I mix all my dinner Huel doses the night before and refrigerate.

I forgot a mixed one in the fridge for a week once. My suggestion is try not to look at, or smell it while on your way to the disposal.

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We recommend drinking it within the same day you make it!

I’ve also done 48 hours with no problem. I’ve also (by accident) gone a little longer than that, and I would agree with @huel_hefner