Huel Flavor Boosts currently out of stock

Was about to order my next batch of Huel when I realized ALL of the flavor boosts are out of stock. Any idea when these will be in stock again or what’s going on?

I just want to make sure I don’t order and they are back in stock tomorrow :sob:

Any feedback on the flavor boosts as well?

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Good question. Flavor boosts will be back in stock at the end of August. So sorry about the delay here and thankful for your support! :seedling:

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I’m guessing this will be the last stock of the huel flavor boosts before they get discontinued? :sob:

Just read the post by Tim_Huel

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Seems to be the case. With so many new meal flavors being introduced, I could see why it doesn’t make financial sense to keep the boosts around.

What? Someone at Huel please clarify…flavor boosts in the future or no flavor boosts.

There aren’t many flavors of Gluten Free to choose from. Additionally, if you’re like me and don’t want the same flavor every meal you’d have to have five bags open and on your shelf. Ridiculous.

Huel Black is also gluten free, so if you don’t mind the nutritional differences, there’s quite a few flavor options there - and I wouldn’t be surprised if more are in the works.

Though I do understand that if you don’t want to shift to Black, the flavor issue (and the multiple open bags thing).

August of what year? It’s September 5 today and nada…or did they sell out again and I missed it?

Any update on when Flavor Boosts will be back in stock? Or at least dispel the rumor started here that they’re being discontinued? Thank you.

What post? Please share a link.

this was posted i think a day or two after i asked if the flavor boosts were going to come back so i think this just confirms that no, they’re not coming back We are saying goodbye to our Flavour Boosts - Huel updates - Huel

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Thanks! That was the UK forum but I guess it maybe applies to the US as well. Too bad, I enjoyed the added variety.