When will Strawberry be back in stock?

I was waiting for the peanut butter black to come back in stock and wanted to try strawberry. I buy in bulk (8 bags) and am on my last bag. I don’t want to wait for the strawberry and end up completely out of Huel, but also dont want to wait the couple of months it takes to go through 8 bags to try strawberry on the next order.

Is there an eta on the strawberry, so I can make a decision to forgo the strawberry or to wait till it comes back in stock?

(Trying to order something like this: Banana 1, Vanilla 2, Chocolate 2, Peanut Butter 2, Strawberry 1) Hopefully all flavors in stock at the time of order

Hey @Qwerty,
We are hoping to have the Strawberry Shortcake back in stock by mid August and Black Edition Peanut butter is back in stock currently :two_hearts:

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