How I recommend minimizing clumps in V3.0

Just wanted to share that I’ve been using both the grate that comes with the bottle along with a blender ball at the same time, and that this method has greatly reduced the clumping and oftentimes prevents it altogether.

Give it a try! I joined this forum just share this suggestion, because like many here I was initially frustrated by the experience.

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I’ve been having good luck getting rid of clumps by using the grate and, before adding water (I bring the Huel powder already in the bottle, to work), gently rotating the Huel powder-filled bottle on it’s side, to loosen up the powder. Between that and vigorous shaking, I get no clumps that can’t fit through the grate (and relatively few clumps in general).

I use a blender bottle exclusively. Never had a problem until Huel v3.

it’s because V3 gets rid of guar gum as a thickener which has 0 nutritional value, and uses tapioca instead.