First Two Days on Huel

Hi Everyone! Today marks the second day that I have had 1 Huel meal per day. I am definitely easing my way into it. My goal is to work my way up to 2 meals a day with the occasional 3 Huel meal day depending on my crazy schedule.

My first Huel meal yesterday, I prepared it with water and used an immersion blender before shaking by hand. The texture will take some getting used to, but it tastes pretty good! Last night I prepared my breakfast the night before, and I used Light Vanilla Almond Milk. I have to say, I really like it with the Almond Milk!

As far as the vanilla flavor of the mix itself, it is VERY subtle. I am not really picking up on the flavor all that much. I don’t find the mix too sweet at all. I will definitely be trying out the new berry or chocolate flavors for my next subscription shipment! So far so good with the overall digestion. I will be easing into it over the coming week.


Welcome! Good choice to ease in.

Welcome to the Huel fam! :tada::tada::tada: Way to dive in and start experimenting with different mixes. Our Huel vanilla is more subtle in flavor, but it makes for a great base to either drink on its own or easily mix with other flavors and recipes. If you’re looking for more recipe inspo, check out :yum:

A simple additive to the vanilla Huel that many of us like is a small sprinkle of either cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.