Huel - 1 Year Project (2021-2022) (Requesting Help)

Quick background: I’m currently a laboratory technician with an associate degree in science, heading towards becoming a medical laboratory scientist. I previously completed a 60-day, 2-month trial study on Huel (Huel Self Trial - 60 Days Straight w/ Blood Work Provided) with documented short term changes comparatively from the trial Huel shared (

With documentation I’ll be including everything in the previous 2-month trial, along with BMI, Waist to hip ratio, sum of 7 skinfolds, looking to include testosterone.
Is there anything else worth noting or other lab results that might be of interest to include?

Workout - Heavy weight lifting + goal of sub 6:10 for 2,000-meter row test
(I will be doing the full 5 servings instead of 3 in the previous 2-month trial. HUEL Black Edition)

Giving it a shot to see if there’s anyone here with more in-depth knowledge about nutrition that would be very interested in working with this project - and looking for anyone with skills in video editing/animation for video documentation along the way - otherwise will be seeing what I can do in all with a small budget set aside for this.

Any feedback is seriously appreciated on any part of this.



Do you have regular metabolic panels?

I think it would be useful to showcase impact on glucose even if just a home glucometer for post prandial glucose impact. Maybe a normal “young person” metabolism shows little effect, but I’m curious how much benefit can be shown for prediabetic insulin resistance/control.

I’m also curious which has the bigger benefit between food choice (Huel vs other) compared with intermittent fasting (IF) and obviously IF with Huel.

Other metrics to track might be “time spent” in either thinking about what to make, making whatever, and cleanup. I’m not sure what other reasons people choose Huel, (cost per meal is easy math) all the time and hassle of other food is one of my biggest pro-Huel concerns.

Hey Justin! :slight_smile: I just messaged you about this, as well! Definitely sounds super interesting and thanks for linking the previous trial you did. I just read through it!

I may have missed this, but I am curious about how often are you considering documenting lab values, height/weight, waist to hip ratios, and skinfolds (and are you going to be doing triceps skinfold or another measurement)?

Another thing to consider: consuming 2 scoops of Huel 5 times per day would be approximately 2000 calories. What are your baseline energy needs? You want to be sure that you are also providing your body with enough energy daily (and of course this is something that may need to be adjusted depending on how you feel and your goals).

I am just curious about this, but any specific reason for the choice of Huel Black Edition? This is just a thought, but it may also be nice to add various products and flavors, not just one, if this is something you are thinking about doing for a longer period of time as it can be challenging to consume the same thing daily for a year.

Hey @Charlotte_Huel! I plan on documenting lab values at least monthly, and I’ll be using the same skinfolds listed in the Huels 5 week trial - (biceps, triceps, subscapular, supraspinale, abdominal, front thigh, medial calf) - which I will be updating weekly including height/weight, and waist to hip ratio.

I’m not sure why I was setting on 5 per day, I will definitely adjust along the way for what’s needed. I chose Huel Black Edition for the tradeoff of carbs for the higher protein amount, though I may include the regular Huel if needed/more beneficial to training.

Also wanting to see notiable psychological aspects of maintaining a drink only diet for such an extended period of time by choice which is why the Huel powder would be the only product involved - in being able to keep the absolute minimalist form of food consumption.

@miked My opinion - over a 3 month time there would be a significant decrease in A1C levels in pre-diabetic individuals, as this would be a drastic lifestyle change(3Months would be the Red Blood Cell life cycle, which is why A1C can provide insight on a person’s diet from the past 3 months), the speed of the decrease would depend on a few other main factors through. I do love spending only 15 to 20 minutes every other day for making 2 days worth of ready to drink meals :grin:.

Welcome back to the forums… You’re really going to do an ENTIRE year of ONLY Huel?

I commend you for your discipline!

Thanks, I’ve been busy and focused on other tasks but I’m back now. Looking forward to seeing and sharing how sustainable this type of diet would be for a longer period of time.


Have you stayed 100% Huel all this time?

This month of December I’ve been eating real foods I’d say about 90% of the time to have more accurate beginning measurements, and of course to enjoy some foods before I start :grin: I’ve been off for a bit was quarantined for covid, was pretty bad the first week but I’m feeling much better.