Long term and full diet

Hello all!!
Ive done alot of research through the forums and online but there are a few things i would still like to have actual feed back on.

  1. Is there anyone who has gone full huel for thier diet? How did that work? Pros and cons? Was it easy?

  2. When it comes to weight loss I see alot of mixed reviews, so if there is anyone who has gone full huel how did that affect your wieght and what should I expect in doing this?

Any info would be great I’m getting g my first shipment tomorrow and am going to go full huel for a week to try it and see what it’s like, then readjusting my intake and diet according to how that goes, but I would really like to try something like this as a long term solution and wanted to know actual logistics from actual people!

Thanks guys!?

I have come close. I’m not at the moment because I am out and waiting on shipment. I would typically find myself eating 1 non-huel meal a week or having a piece of fruit or something as a snack now and that that keeps me from saying it was 100%. A little variety is nice now and again, and I probably was not drinking as much Huel as I should have.

If you are disciplined about it I don’t think you will have any troubles. I lost weight without trying because I really probably should have been drinking 3 shakes a day for ~2000 calories, but only did 3 a day for ~1500 calories.

Weight loss is all about eating less calories than you burn. So drinking huel will still cause you to gain weight if you drink too much. So just make sure you portion properly for your metabolism and you will lose weight.

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This may help!

Huel most certainly can have a place in weight loss and healthy eating.