New user. Remarkable few days

I’m using Huel for a 30 day Hedonic reset while using a fitness device I’ve been beta testing for 18 months.

My first really obvious observation is that on the days I consume only the unflavored gluten free mixed with water I have zero hunger and cravings.
When I consume the flavor packets I start feeling markedly more like food seeking.

Very interesting. I’m going to point at hyper palatabipity as my guess. It may just be that I have adapted to Huel. But my gut feeling is the former not the latter.

Anyone else have this nuanced experience?


I’m on day 32 of Huel Black Edition, Almond milk(unsweetened, 30cal), and flavor packs - I have near zero desire for any other foods anymore or hunger cravings at all. Cravings were intense the first week - second week they died down to more of an acceptance - after the second week its becoming natural, like a routine, and actually look forward to drinking Huel.

Cool thanks for your input. I’m on day 4.

Not determinative but it’s like a switch flipped.

Can you tell us about this Fitness Device, or is there a NDA?

I can tell you all you want to know! It’s called BionicGym. It exercises me.
I’m a 56 yo Female firefighter. I have a knee that is bone on bone I’ve lost all the weight I needed to. My original goal was to be about 30% bf.

I’m using Huel to micromanage my calories and do a Hedonic cleanse.

I have a nakedlabs body scanner to track my progress.

It’s incredible for me week to week. I really never thought this would be possible. I’ve more than exceeded my expectations.

If you’d like to know more or try it I can send you an affiliate discount code for the BionicGym. Unfortunately the scanner is not for sale.

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