How quickly does Huel ship?

I’m not a new customer, but it has been about a year since I last ordered, and I want to get back into the product for health purposes.

Because of recent events I am staying away from home, but I may only be here for another month or so. I want to order Huel Black. Can I normally expect to receive an order within 7-10 days, or are there longer waits. I want to know whether to order now and get started, or wait until I get home in June to order.

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Hi Mike! At this time our delivery times should be the standard delivery times, which means that you should be good on receiving your order on time while you are staying away from home!

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My last order a couple weeks ago got to me in about 3 days.

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Same, took a few days to arrive.

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Huel shipments have two distinct phases.

Phase 1: Huel to FedEx.

I ordered a shipment last month and it took just under a day for the package to get to into the first FedEx building. I believe @Domenique_Huel when she states that any such delays are gone. Phase 1 should be fast.

Phase 2: FexEx to you:

I know that the USA branch of Huel has warehouses in at least Bloomington, California and Millington, Tennessee. (I’ve placed three orders so far. Why two came from one coast and another from the opposite coast is not a question I can answer.)

My “wrong coast” shipment took five days. One of my “correct coast” deliveries took three days and the other four.

If you live in a small village outside of major shipping lanes, shipment may take longer. If you live in a city with a Huel warehouse, two day delivery is plausible (but I’m not a FedEx employee, so this is just guessing here).

TL;DR – unless you live well off the beaten path, I’d guess you’d get your Huel in less than 7 days.


Takes about 3 business days for me and I’m in FL

Thank you all for your responses. I comfortably placed my order after the first couple of replies, and it already on the truck for delivery today. That is quick processing and shipping.