Shipping of Huel

In the website it says that orders are (see below) shipped with the intent to be received in 3 biz days because I’m leaving on international travel. I have ordered on Tues and still haven’t received a confirmation. I emailed Huel and they said they weren’t sure why it wasn’t shipped. I then got a follow on email from customer service pretty much with a canned response of no value. Can anybody chime in how good they are with shipping on time?

This is my first time ordering from Huel and they only thing fast is how quickly they charge me.

When will I receive my order?

If you order before 4pm Local Time, you will receive your items within 3 business days. If you order after 4pm Local Time on a Friday, or on a Saturday or Sunday, your items will be picked and packed on Monday and you will receive them within 3 business days.

For Alaska and Hawaii, items will be shipped within 5 business days:

Hey@jbs, from my personal experience over the last 2 years I think I’ve only had one order take more than 4 days. My order is set to auto-renew every 4 weeks, orders on Mondays and delivered by Thursday.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow:Update: Huel claims to ship same day if received early enough it would ship same day, took 2 days to ship. Their website has now been updated to reflect this additional delay. So 2-3 days for processing plus 3-5 days for delivery means 1-2 week delivery time.

I had shipped to my address to take some internationally, well the order will no longer make it in time before my flight.


Customer Service representatives are great, Huel Corp - meh.

Stated shipping time verses shipping time - Poor

Not going to lie, my first time experience with a trial order with Huel has not been impressive. If you are going to order, do so with faith and patience, never if you need it in a timely manner.