How long does it take to get your Huel order

I received a confirmation email from Huel that had a link to a delivery questions page. Unfortunately, that page is broken. Can anyone give me a time range to expect delivery? I live in Arizona (US).

Hi there, we will fix that link which has an “am.huel” address instead of a “us.huel” address as it should.

You can view the full page here:

And you can see our answer to your direct question below:

Huel orders in the U.S. are sent via UPS and generally arrive within 3-5 days, subject to weather or other unforeseen delays. Shipments to Hawaii and Alaska can be expected within 5-7 days.

Check your email for a shipping confirmation number after you place your order. You can also check your status in your Huel Account at any time. Don’t have an account yet? Simply click on the “person” icon in the upper right of this window, or click here, and create an account using the same email you used when making your purchase.

Thanks for your question!


Thank you for the quick response! Looking forward to my shipment.

I have ordered twice now, and I believe both shipments came in three business days. Very nice!

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It was 3 days shipping for me as well. Huel was quick at getting the order out.

If it helps, mine shipped UPS from Fort Worth, Texas to Iowa [via Minnesota]. Of course, point of origin could change in the future and Huel may have other distribution centers it can ship from.

Update: my second (larger) order took a full week. Placed the order on Friday, arrived the following Friday.

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Dang. I ordered mine on 8/2 and it sat there for 10 hours before leaving fortworth and then eventually got to Dallas. Waiting for it in California.

Just got a rescheduled delivery date for 8/6. :frowning:

Still super stoked to get this!

How do you track your delivery? I ordered on 7/29, checked the emails they sent but found no way to track delivery. Sent to Nevada BTW

UPS delivers on Sunday in California? Interesting. Still only 4 days though.

Hmm… good question. I don’t think I had tracking information until I received an e-mail from UPS Quantum View about my order.

Whoops meant 8/8. So it’ll be about 6 days. My bad!

I use UPS My Choice to track all UPS packages coming to my house and it says its arriving today, so that would be 5 days from the time I ordered. Not bad. Just an FYI, anyone can sign up for UPS My Choice and any person/business that sends you something will be tracked (as long as they use UPS, which Huel apparently does).

Hi Thomas, for some users their confirmation email is not including their tracking number. This is something we are working on to fix behind the scenes.

In the meantime, you can try logging into your account to check status (create an account by clicking here if you have not created one yet, simply use the email address you used when placing your first order).

I will also send you a quick email now so you have your tracking number handy in the meantime.

John_Huel I also did not get a tracking number or a confirmation of shipment. Is that something that you might be able to email to me? I would like to know around when my Huel will arrive so I don’t buy extra food at the grocery store this weekend that I won’t need in the upcoming week. Thanks! :smile:

Hi there, please email and we’ll be happy to help from there. :+1:

I wound up getting an email from UPS with my info. Im not sure if you folks were behind that, if you were thanks! Either way, my order should be here in the next 12 hours, which is a good thing because I only have enough food left for one more lunch and I didn’t want to have to go grocery shopping again! :smiley:


I also didn’t get an email and just had “Fullfilled” in my account but no tracking number. I too have UPS my choice so Om pretty sure my package coming tomorrow is my Huel. I too am in AZ. Looks like the order was put in for pick up 8/4 (Friday) but wasn’t picked up till 8/8 (Tuesday) and should be here tomorrow 8/10.

Sorry for the technical difficulties we seem to be experiencing at the moment! In order to protect your private info, please email and we’ll be happy to help from there. :+1: