To drink or not to drink?

My husband had Huel powder in his trunk for multiple days in temperatures regularly exceeding 105 degrees. It seemed to be mostly sealed (previously opened but zipped) with a tiny bit unsealed.

Is this still usable or must it be tossed?

I wouldn’t. The car was probably 130 degrees at least. Even if it was sealed, it’d be questionable. At best, the added vitamins and minerals have degraded, and at worst, you might get sick. I’m not an expert on this but I AM paranoid about food safety.

maybe no. maybe check a LOT of forums for the information that you are looking for BEFORE you try to eat the shakes.

worst i can think of is that most of the nutrients have degraded and you would not be getting the support from the shakes that you normally do.

you could get sick though from eating expired foodstuffs, so i don’t know what to tell you!?

If the bags were unopened/sealed you’re probably fine. A majority of the time food spoils so quickly because it’s got moister. Warm water is a breading ground for everything you don’t want to consume. If the bags were never opened the moister content is going to be really low. I don’t think there’s much in the powder that can go bad from those temperatures alone. I imagine a majority of Huel is exposed to that kind of environment during shipping… If it was the Ready To Drink that’s a very different story.