Huel left in car in hot sun still ok?

I left an unopened bag of Huel in the trunk of my car. I got stuck out of town over the weekend. temps got up into the 90s for 2days. Bag still ok to eat?

I imagine it survives those conditions while in the mail, so I certainly would try it and see.

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@Av8tr, I agree with @miked. I’m sure the conditions are similar traveling from Texas to wherever the bags are delivered in the back of a FedEx truck. Just make sure it doesn’t smell rancid.

Yeah, so I fly FedEx freight, it’s very rare that a package will sit out on the ramp in the sun like that. Or in a truck that gets as hot as a car sitting in a parking lot.

I don’t have any experience on the road but with the truck moving there is going to be some cooling effect. I do know they don’t have A/C in the delivery trucks (or my airplane).

I left my luggage in my rental car in ABQ with the bag in my suitcase. It got into the 90s so in the car it was probably well over 100 for two days. Heck I landed after dark last night and the car was still roasting when I got in.

I’ll give it a try when I finish my current bag but I’m not scheduled to be back home till the end of the month so I’m SOL if the bag is no good.

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I’ve chain-forgotten my Huel bags in Utah desert heat for days.

To the best of my knowledge, it hasn’t killed me yet.