How Downright Disrespectful

Hi there,

I have been contacting consistently since yesterday afternoon and am yet to receive a reply. Your drink gave me horrendous hives and I don’t have food allergies. I, then, canceled the subscription and promptly requested you not ship me your product.

After not receiving a reply 2 hours later, I get a confirmation email that it has been shipped. Since then I have used every method to get in touch and no one can reply; Email at least 20x, twitter, instagram, facebook, phone call, Better business bureau, etc.

I know you state no refunds because it is made to order, but you made mine after I asked you not bill me. And since I’ve had to pay to get these hives treated (handsomely) the respectful and professional thing to do is stop the shipment that I never wanted and asked you not send. At the.least, I don’t want this stuff in my house. The reaction was that severe. Please advise.

Hey @cweiselberg1,

So sorry this was your experience.

From my understanding, one of my team members has already reached out to you via email and issued you a full refund for your order.
Additionally, we apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but our business hours end at 5pm eastern time.

Truly hope you are feeling better and wish you well!

Hey thanks for following up. All’s well and Joshua was awesome. You guys absolutely did right for a crummy scenario. Hope you have a lovely weekend!