Really upset with the communication around my first order!

I’m extremely dissapointed and intend to cancel my RTD subscription after my first order. Based on the feedback I’m seeing on these forums, it appears that many of us are being strung along regarding when we will be receiving our stuff. I just checked the FedEx tracking I was given and it states “order cancelled by sender.” Absolutely horrible, I’ll be looking at alternatives this evening.

I’ve had issues too, the same in fact. Stick with them, they will make it right but it will take time. The product is worth it. They are a startup and just changed a bunch of stuff. They will get there eventually.


i had the same thing happen and they sent me a new order when they realized. i admit it took a few days for that to happen but i think they must have had some sort of issue around their ready-to-drink offering in the system. i was frustrated as well, but as long as this doesn’t become the norm i can live with some stumbles.

Hey David. We ran into some issues with shipping out the RTD and had to cancel some void tracking IDs. I have your new tracking ID–I’ll DM it to you.