How do you mix your Huel?


Hey Huelers!

A couple of us over at the Los Angeles Huel headquarters were curious on how you make your Huel. Feel free to take our poll.

When making Huel…

  • I mix it in my Huel shaker bottle
  • I mix it in a different shaker bottle
  • I use a blender

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*If you do use a blender, here’s a great article from Jen Reviews about 8 factors to consider when choosing a blender that you might be interested in: Link

Thanks for your feedback!


Lately, I bring my empty Huel bottle to work with my Huel powder weighed out and packed in a snack baggy. I use the water at work and mix when I’m ready.


I typically use the Huel shaker but occasionally will blend in some frozen mixed berries. Shaker with cocoa powder and a little cinnamon is usually my go to.


Vanilla Huel in water is pretty decent. However, I can easily add just an ingredient or three to flavor it up and add variety, so I have to use a blender for this. In reality, adding a banana and PB or some frozen berries, blending, putting in an insulated bottle is not much more effort than mixing it in the shaker on-the-fly. It’s still like 80% less time and effort that prepping a meal for work.


I’ve got a fist-full of Blender Bottles with the wire ball that I’ve acquired over the years, They work best for me. I mix it with water and a shot of ISO Splash flavoring, then shake the dickens out of it. I still get an occasional lump, but that’s ok. :grin:


I just mixed up a serving with a cup of frozen blueberries and it was amazing!!


I voted for the Huel bottle, but in reality I use both it and and other shaker bottles, but that wasn’t an option :confused:


I’ve shaken it up in the Huel bottle, as well as in a Blender Bottle knockoff I bought at Walmart for $3.00. Both worked well. Using either with a handheld blender is even better, although something about the shape of the Huel bottle causing a suction at the bottom which will initiate a mess if I’m not careful; not so with the other bottle. Throwing in a few pieces of crushed ice improves the temperature and texture without causing my little blender to throw a fit.

I’m saving up for a Nutri Ninja blender so I can start getting creative with smoothies.


That looks really good. I think I’ll try it tomorrow.


Am I the only one who does NOT think Huel gets better if you mix it up ahead of time and let it sit overnight?

I love the texture and taste of huel, as long as it’s good and COLD, when it’s newly mixed. When it sits overnight, in the morning it just feels to me like cold, yucky oatmeal, with no appeal whatsoever.


I like the Huel shaker—it works fine—but if you put the powder in first (to take it somewhere to mix later) then you can’t put the water in first when it’s time to mix it up. I’ve been using this Garden of Life shaker that I already had. I have a Vitamix but haven’t even bothered to get it dirty when Huel mixes really well just in a shaker. I’m a pretty small person so I’ve only been doing half servings—not sure how it would work with a full 500 calorie serving.

UPDATE: I can’t find where I read it but someone on here posted about putting the ice in the shaker bottle first. It works great! I’ve been doing that in the Huel shaker since it has a larger capacity than the one I had been using. The ice helps mix it for sure. I like to make it with more water so it’s more like thick milk than a shake. And I like it better when I drink it with a (reusable) straw than chugging it out of the shaker.


I use a shaker bottle when I need something on the go, quick or when I’m in the office. Else if I’m at home and have a little more time I’ll use a blender and toss additional fruit in.


Well, I’m on Day 1! So, I’ve only used the shaker for these first two drinks; but, I can see where a blender of some type (even immersion) would benefit the final product. Shaker works great for on-the-go and/or Emergency use! :smile:


I thought about doing that, but if I mix it at home and keep it in the fridge at work until lunch it is oh so cold… mmm


Mix a cup of blueberries with Vanilla or UU?


I use a blender at home and the shaker at work. The latter can be hit or miss. Starting with the powder already in the shaker I have to be care how and in what order I add the water and ice to avoid lots of unmixed Huel. But it’s easy, tasty, cheaper than the vending machines, and travels well on my bike commute.


Pro tip: water first, always. It’s convenient to have the powder in the shaker already, but can lead to a hit or miss mixture like you described. Perhaps, try packing your Huel powder in a ziploc or tupperware to add to your shaker after you’ve poured in the water. :ok_hand:


If anyone ever eats Talenti Gelato, save the containers! Their small round containers are the perfect size to pack Huel with/without additional protein powders, flavor boosts, etc.


My teammate, @sherry_huel totally does this with Talenti containers! A good excuse to have a sweet treat now and again, eh?


Maybe you could consider selling one of those blenders that do not require electricity where you turn the handle. Then, you could still blend on the go, but have a really smooth texture.