How do we know that Huel powder is uniformly mixed?

This might be a silly question, but how do we know that a given sample of Huel has the same ratio of ingredients and nutrients as another sample? What process is there to ensure that the contents in my bag are evenly distributed?

For example, I look at the back of the bag and I see that 2 scoops contain 4.0 mcg of Vitamin D. There are 17 servings in the bag, so my bag has 68 mcg of Vitamin D. Is it possible that none of these 68 mcg are present in a random 10% sample of the bag?

And if I were to grab exactly one scoop of the powder, am I guaranteed to be holding exactly 2.0 mcg of Vitamin D within my scoop every time? The only way this seems to be possible is if every “speck” of powder contains all ingredients in the exact same proportions. Is that how it works?

I realize this isn’t unique to Huel, so maybe someone can educate me on how powders are uniformly mixed in general.

It’s not going to exactly that, because nothing is that exact!

However, the Huel Powder goes through a careful blending process. You can find out more here at the bottom of this article. We also do nutritional testing to ensure that batches are within specification.