How can we improve Huel? (both product and service)

It’s literally the first google result:

Glad I stick to the unsweetened version

I’ve read this study before. There’s nothing on sucralose affecting the absorption of nutrients and it’s not what the study set out to find.

We will have a new section in our sucralose article that will explain the research on the gut microbiota. It should be live in the next week or so and I think you’ll find it interesting.


I’d like some of these flavor boosts back, for starters. Maybe natural sugars would be nice. Stickers would be AWESOME. I’d love to give you real estate on my Chromebook. Acooler bag would be cool. I’m about to spend 35 dollars on a bag at Target to carry my bottles from home to work and back. I’d much rather be able to give your team the cash and advertise the product. Maybe design something that would easily hold 4 or 5 shaker bottles?

I’m a chef in a dementia and memory care facility. I work a lot with end of life care. I honestly think there is a huge market here for Huel. 100% of the time, I’d rather have chocolate or strawberry Huel vs. liquidized fish or meatloaf.

Just my two cents. Thanks for listening and for the great product.


What about a “liquidized fish” flavor boost?

Then you don’t have to choose;
You can have both! :slight_smile:

Liquidized Fish Meatloaf is an untapped market.


“Liquidized Fish Meatloaf” Band Name! :sunglasses: :joy:

How about a loyalty program? E.g., points accumulate for purchases that can be traded for discounts on future orders?


I made a separate post about this but adding in hemp protein in another new version rather than brown rice would be great (and keep the brown rice version for the people that want it.)

That’s just me though, I don’t know if other people like the sound of that. I just know that hemp is a complete protein and is far superior but I’m probably biased.

Thanks for the suggestion, we have looked into this but getting the taste and texture right is the tricky bit.

Hemp maybe superior on its own but as brown rice is paired with pea protein that gives Huel a PDCAAS of 1.0 as the two complement one another. You can find out more here.


Hemp protein is expensive, partly because the plant is still scheduled by the US government. Until producers can make more hemp anything without the DEA breathing down their necks, I’m fine with other alternatives.

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I’ve been using huel for years. Got my parents using it as well.
We all hate 3.0
There is no chocolate or vanilla left at the outlet.
We are out of options.
Please bring back any version prior to 3.0
We are begging you.

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What about whey protein for ppl who arent vegans

If u could make nutritionally complete popcorn i would purchase that, lots of ppl would

There’s competitors that offer this already. The fact that Huel is a plant based brand is one of the main reasons I’m such an advocate of their products.

  1. U/U Black edition (low carbs)
  2. Dark chocolate flavor (not sweet)
  3. Be careful with bags, many times I recevied bags that do not seal perfectly which is super inconvenient.
  4. Allow to combine different editions when purchase
  5. Maybe a shaker upgrade? It is difficult to clean the head from small waste of old product


Bring back any version before 3.0

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I forget which comedian (perhaps multiple) had a joke about the relationships between the number of hotdogs and hotdog buns in their respective packages (and I’m not sure if it’s even true anymore), but the relationship between servings per bag of Huel (17) and delivery schedule (a multiple of 7 days between 7 and 70) feels a little bit the same. Worse, actually, because 17 and 7 are both prime.

Assuming that:

  1. You consume Huel in whole servings, and
  2. You consume the same number of servings each day,

then regardless of what that daily number of servings is and regardless of how frequently you get it delivered, it’s impossible to order the exact right amount of Huel.

Unless you eat a whole bag of Huel (or a multiple thereof) each day, I suppose, which is probably ill-advised for anyone. :smiley:

I get that it’s probably in Huel’s best interest to have people slightly over-ordering, and I’m not sure how much of a difference it actually makes for most people anyway, but I do think in a (my) slightly more ideal world, Huel would either come in slightly cheaper bags of 14 servings or slightly more expensive bags of 21 servings.

@Tom in previous iterations of Huel the recommended serving was 500 calories which at that time equated to 14 servings per bag (28 per single subscription) so it definitely made sense then. I assume it’s also simpler for tracking purposes and website setup to use the number of weeks setup as opposed to number of days.

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@kris4183 Oh, yeah, naturally the shipping would be in multiples of weeks. I actually think it’s great you have so many options for shipping frequency. I just meant that you might expect/hope bags to have servings in multiples of seven then (like they apparently used to). 14 * 500 ≠ 17 * 400, so they must have changed the quantity in each bag when they changed serving size. I don’t think they settled on 17 accidentally.