What's next for Huel in terms of nutrition?

So I was listening to some Rhonda Patrick podcasts on Joe Rogan podcast channel while I was doing some Sunday chores. And I found it very informative on nutrition, as a non-nutrition executive myself. Rhonda is able to talk about scientific concepts in an easy to understand way.

So most of us here believe Huel is the healthiest of the meal shake replacements, but I was wondering,what’s the future for Huel in terms of improving nutrition? Like Huel ain’t perfect. What’s not perfect about it? And for someone who isn’t on a Huel only diet (just maybe 1-2 shakes a day), how I can make sure to get the things I dont get from Huel in my regular food diet

Thanks for reading this, I know it twas a wordful

While I have your attention, I’d also like you to add the ability to buy 1 Huel Black + 1 Huel bag at the same time, instead of a min of 2 Huel Black or 2 Huel. This would help me better adjust my diet, depending on the day’s needs (what else I ate that day)

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I can’t give too much away but I think it’s important we meet peoples’ needs in terms of what they eat day-to-day and how they eat it. The bulk of the nutrition is unlikely to change because we have that cracked.


What about this?

Would be useful for part time Huelers

This is a Customer Experience question and not something I can answer but @Domenique_Huel can help you out.

In regards to that question, we have come up with a flexible solution that now with your two purchases of powder bags of the same version, you can add a third one of a different version if you wish!

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Why are there more flavors in Europe than in the US? Do you plan to change that?

Huel started in the UK/EU a couple of years before the US so they have a bit of a head start on you guys. Don’t worry there will be more flavors coming!