Thai Green Curry - Where's the flavor?

I jumped in head first after reading and watching some reviews on the Hot and Savory flavors. I’ve currently tried only the Thai Green Curry. I was very disappointed by the lack of flavor. It’s not that there isn’t any heat… it’s that the seasoning seems to be absent completely. I made sure to mix up the bag thoroughly and scooped from the bottom up. The resulting meal was a flavorless mush.

I tried other food today, just to make sure my sense of taste was not gone ( it isn’t ). I perused the UK and Global forums and found a topic that related similar experiences to mine. I sincerely hope the Tomato and Herb/Mexican Chili have some flavor as I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the Thai Green Curry again. I see a lot of garlic/chili crisp/salt/hot sausce/herbs in my future to get through this bag.

What are you all putting in your Thai Green Curry to flavor it up? I’ll gladly take suggestions, nothing could be as bad as it is straight out of the bag. :upside_down_face:

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As a follow up, I tried the Black Edition: Peanut Butter flavor and found that it tastes a lot like peanut butter. I could easily see adding almond or oat milk to this, or some PB2. Definitely much more palatable than the Thai Green Curry. Could I possibly have gotten a bad batch of it?

I just tried the Thai Green Curry tonight… I think it tastes as advertised like green curry. But, I can see someone arguing their case that it’s bland… I’m not a “spicey/hot” kinda person. I can handle a little bit of spice, but not like some people…
And I do wish that there was a just little tiny bit more of a spicy kick to this green curry… Which would put it a little more inline with what I would expect if I were to go to a restaurant and order a green curry.

Or at least bring the spicey hot level to what is in the Mexican chili flavor. Which is by far my favorite of the 3 flavors.
They’re all good, I’ll rotate through all of them to give myself a variety. But the clear order of favorite is…

  1. Mexican Chili
  2. Thai Green Curry
  3. Tomatoes and herbs

I tried the Mexican Chili today, and the flavor is much, much better. I ended up adding a small crushed clove of garlic, some chili pepper flakes, and I was good to go. I could easily see adding some green onion, Quorn or tvp, maybe a dash of cheese for more fat/protein. A definite two thumbs up, I’ll be reordering for sure. Between the flavor, nutrition, and convenience, the Mexican Chili is a winner! I made sure to post a part of this in the large thread for the Mexican Chilli release… I want to make sure they know they did well with it! :slight_smile:

Overall I found the Thai Curry really bland as well when I first tried it, and originally wasn’t a fan. I reduced the water a bit 3/4 cup, and added a 3-4 shakes of Indian Red Pepper (hot) and several shakes of Garam Masala, just doing this really helped, and gave it a bit of a kick. I quite like it now.

Hey n00tch, first, welcome to the forum. :facepunch:

Second, yes, it’s always possible you were an unwitting recipient of a bad batch of the Thai Green Curry, but if that’s what happened, there should be other Hueligans falling victim to the same dilemma you did and they’re yet to voice their complaint here. Time will tell I suppose.

In the meantime, maybe adding some sautéed peppers or steamed veggies or any of the others you mentioned would help. I know that kinda defeats the quick & easy aspect, but what else - short of throwing away the rest of the bag - can you do?

I get this “Italian Bamba Chilli” - a flavourful indgriedient - a small quantity of it elevates the taste of all of the hot versions of the Huel. The other thing I do - this may be a bit controversial, but something I follow - A small amount of added salt makes a huge difference. I use some a small quantity of crushed Himalayan salt in hot and savory Huel. Also definitely, the Mexican Chili is the No1 for me.
In the regular Huel side, my favourite combination is Black Edition Peanut Butter + V3 Original flavor - it may be a bit on the sweeter side , but I personally enjoy it…

I very much agree about the seasoning feeling a little bland for the green curry. I add some chilli crisp and some seasoning salt. Just 2 dashes of the seasoning salt (I use Ranier Foods Fiery Seasoned Sea Salt) really brings out the flavor. Probably just a little plain salt would do almost as well.

Here we are January 2023… Thai Green is a complete disaster. Complete…

you are missing substantial ingredients most of which readily store dry and retain flavour when sealed. I can get past the cardboard - that’s just the quinoa but… bloody Nora. what is this?? Given this is a regular dish at home for dinner lets have us check off that you’re including the following essentials:

Green Cayenne Pepper
Green Chilli
Grated galangal
Minced Garlic
Minced ginger
Lime (not lemon) zest
White or black pepper
Cilantro (or Culantro if you want to give it a super kick)
Sometimes I add shrimp or fish sauce but I suspect that will pose a problem. Its not missed, the majority of the flavour comes from the Thai Green chili, lemongrass, lime and galangal.

Note that there’s no salt anywhere. Get it right for Gods sake!

Thai Green Curry is the worst flavor by far. Absolutely flavorless and weirdly slimy. I regret ordering this. It’s just not as delicious as the other flavors.

I have enjoyed all the flavors of hot & Savory I tried to date except Thai Green Curry. I tried different ways to improve mixing with other flavors, spices, etc. I ultimately chucked it out. Different strokes for different folks I guess; many other flavors I like, just not for me.

I’m sorry to hear that! Thai Green is actually my favorite grain-based Hot & Savory :cry: but we completely understand that taste is subjective and if there are other flavors you enjoy that’s a good thing!

Absolutley terrible. I wish there was a more public forum I could give feedback on because this was 100% not worth the money.

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Can I ask, is this specifically about the Thai Green Curry, or was this all the flavors you tried?

Just goes to show how subjective taste is, the Thai Green Curry is by far my favorite flavor. I do wish it was a little spicier — well, quite a lot spicier — but the flavor and texture seem fine to me.


I always say taste is a really personal thing. It’s so cool to hear what everyone’s favorites are :blush: I’ll pass the feedback about wanting the Thai Green Curry to be spicier along to the product team for future consideration!