Hot and Savory and Smelly Hands

Scooping Huel with the provided scoops, especially as the bag empties, means reaching way down in the bag. The result is that my hand and fore-arm come out with a dusting of Huel powder. Regular Huel doesn’t have much of an odor, but I find that Hot and Savory flavors leave me smelling oniony/garlicky, which lingers unless I do a pretty thorough soap-and-water wash. I also have to be careful about rolling up my sleeves, or removing my sweatshirt before scooping.

Is there any way that we could get a different measuring/dispensing option for the hot and savory? A long-handled scoop is the easiest thing I can think of.

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LOL :laughing: I experienced the same smelly arm with the Thai Curry H&S. I was amazed that even soap and water didn’t neutralize it. Not the worst smell in the world. I just had to practice my technique. Like the game “Operation.” Don’t touch the sides or you lose.

Transfer product to different storage container
Or as you whittle away at the product, try using a pinch technique. Fold the bag so the two ends come together, creating a funnel in the middle. Easy pour.