Hot and Savory great for the long Hiking/Camping trip

Call me surprised. You may have also hit a niche group. I have bought MRE or equivalent food before, for camping. Those cost like 10+ per bag, and I mainly eat them for substance and energy.

this works well with my jet boiler. Not messy, no waste and easy to transport. I have tried both flavors and think it was decent.

I feel like some type of a cheese base (please make a bacon mac & cheese) flavor would fit best with the texture of Huel Hot and savory. Would be cool if you can have an equivalent package like the Back Huel, but instead of more protein give it more calories … I know its probably not a good idea for most of your customer, but one can wish. If you compete with them the $ per calories is still good.



I agree. I actually really like the hot and savory dishes and used them for camping and bright the extra to work. Both flavors are surprisingly good and I would love another option. Perhaps a chili flavor?


Chili flavor does not sound bad…:yum:

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Sweet and Sour/Tangy could be tasty.

Saag Paneer would be lovely.

I agree… These sound so good!

Have you tried mixing youre food mixes with the dried sides of cheese? parmisan comes to mind as one that wouldnt spoil fast on a long hike/day hike