First Day, not as bad as I expected

Hello everyone,

Today was my first time trying Huel. I’ve never tried anything like this and my expectations were very low.

The vanilla shake powder for breakfast was ok. I was expecting it to be too sweet, chalky with a soybean base taste. Thankfully it was palatable, although I can’t really say I’m looking forward to drinking it again. I was pretty hungry about 15 minutes after drinking it, so I wasn’t satisfied (no pun intended) with the claims that it would make me feel full.

Lunch was the Hot and Savory - Spicy Indian Curry.
On opening the bag the smell was amazing, which gave me high hopes for the final product. Unfortunately those hopes were dashed pretty quickly. This product has barely any flavor. It isn’t spicy. Its texture and consistency is to runny. It has weird lumps of something sweet (I think yams) in it. I’m going to try again tomorrow by adding less water, 1/4 teaspoon of Cayenne & a little ghee.

So that’s the first day. Not terrible, but not great. Still hungry.

Hey there, welcome to the forums. Got an update? How did it go with the next trial with the hot and savory? Your recipe sounds pretty good.

Hey @HongKonger,
Glad to have you as a Hueligan!
Do you think you could walk me through how you were making your Huel shake? Also, it should not have a soybean taste as Huel is soy-free :wink:

Your Hot & Savoury recipe does sound really nice and I gotta try it out!
Remember, the best part about Huel is how versatile it is, so feel free to eat three scoops if you need 600cals to fill you up!

For both the shake & H&S I followed the instructions.

The shake didn’t have a soy taste, but the powder did smell a bit like dried soybeans (I didn’t read the ingredients sorry :wink:). I think the shakes are fine, the salted caramel is way too sweet for me, but I kind of expected that.

For the H&S I’m now measuring the water separately and it produces a much firmer texture. I think the runny consistency was because I poured the water too slowly using the “fill-to-line” method. The powder absorbs some water as you go and if you pour too slowly it results in too much water being added to the mix.

The Indian curry definitely needs a lot more spice if it’s supposed to have a :hot_pepper::hot_pepper::hot_pepper: rating.

The Mexican chili is pretty good though, (love the beans) I’ll probably be ordering that one again. I couldn’t fid a way to add it to my subscription though. The system wants me to create a new subscription and order at least 3 bags I’m not going to do that.

The yellow coconut curry is OK, if a little bland (I can’t taste any coconut).

It went well (ghee makes everything better :yum:). I’m now measuring the water separately rather than using the fill-to-line method and getting much better consistency.

@HongKonger For me it was pretty bad starting out and it got better as I got used to the flavor, my digestion system adjusted to the fiber and new food source, and my metabolism leveled out from the frequent meals.

To put it bluntly. Vanilla sucks. Hot and Savory sucks. To me, the best flavor is salted caramel and I wouldn’t even consider that sweet. It’s just palatable. Also important to note, getting the consistency right is a big deal and the recommended amounts aren’t right if you want to drink it without gagging. The answer is a hand blender which you can find at walmart or amazon(cheaper on amazon), and 30% additional water. I use 330ml per scoop of Huel. Currently I eat 8 meals a day, one scoop a meal 1600 calories. Sometimes I go to 9 or 10 for more active days. To wrap everything up, the first week is NOT pleasant. The trick is to get everything down and efficient. Good luck.