help the taste of Hot and Savory

I just received the chili, sweet & sour and mac and cheese. What is that underlying taste that is in all of them? And is there any way to get rid of it? I think I can doctor up the chili with some hot sauce, but what can i do to the other ones to make it more palatable? I know taste is subjective and i really want to give this a chance. Both my brothers subscribe and rave about it. But i’m sorry to say, i am not sure i am going to be able to choke this down and it’s way too expensive to just try it once and give up. I added salt and pepper and some paprika to the M&C and it really didn’t help (maybe i didn’t add enough).I wouldn’t even mind adding a little extra calories if it would improve the taste. i hate to be critical-i know it’s going to have flavors other than it’s traditional counterpart. but i can’t quite get past a certain taste that is in all of them. thank you for any suggestions.

Hey @stephanie - sorry to hear about your experience and happy to help here!

I am not quite sure, would you be able to provide any further insights into what you’re tasting?

  • Hot sauce is a great addition (even to Mac and Cheeze!).
  • Another favorite of mine is to add some extra herbs and spices like paprika, basil, thyme, oregano, chili powder (depending on the flavor).
  • You could also add in a sprinkle of vegan cheese (or regular, depending on your dietary preferences) to Mac and Cheeze or Mexican Chili.
  • I also really enjoy topping them off with some additional veggies. One of my favorites recently has been some sauteed mushrooms (with a little soy sauce and maple syrup) or roasted broccoli and garlic. Though, I know this takes some extra steps, but I personally love doing this!

After giving some of the above suggestions a try, if you find that some of the flavors still don’t quite work for you, email our team at and we’re happy to help further! Also - let me know how it goes too. :slight_smile:

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These are great suggestions. I wish I could place that underlying taste. Maybe the protein? Definitely an ingredient. Hot sauce has helped.
The sweet and sour I put a little canned pineapple, few drops of sesame oil and cooked onions. It helped.
I was going to add some hot sauce, frozen corn and taco seasoning to the Mac and cheese. I don’t mind taking the time to doctor it up a little.
I will try to see if I can figure out what that flavor is. It’s not the same taste, but it’s like how you can always tell when you’re eating a protein bar that it isn’t a candy bar.
Thanks for the reply and the suggestions.