Help reactivating subscription

I was on a “original vanilla” v1.1 subscription. My renewal email said original vanilla v2.3 so I immediately panicked and canceled the subscription hoping it would cancel the order. I thought I would be receiving the “improved” vanilla which I did not like. I later found out v2.3 is the version used in Europe. I ended up receiving the correct v1.1 but now I can’t subscribe to it again… can someone help me?

Hey @Ernesteaux! Unfortunately as of right now we are only able to offer our new v3.0 formula of Huel Powder on subscriptions. Huel v1.1 is available while stock lasts on an outlet store at!

You can find that located here -

Also, I would be happy to send you over an email now so we can chat next steps and find what works best for you moving forward! Have a wonderful rest of your day.