Help...nuclear wind!

Hello guys, I’ve been using huel for about 3 months now. In this time I have managed to lose about 30lbs!
One massive drawback for me though (and It is looking like I will have to stop using huel)
Is that I am getting the most horrendous wind!
It’s really, really bad!! The type that empties rooms, and its none stop!!
Any advice with this, I really don’t want to stop using it, but I can’t keep doing this, I stink!!


Have you tried a probiotic?

No, I have never seen it mentioned as a solution.

Some people find letting their Huel sit for 5 minutes and/or drinking more water helps. Your body should have adjusted now to the increased fiber in your diet so I appreciate this is less than ideal!

Digestive enzymes, Beano, or Probiotics have been helpful to some Huel users when they first start.

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Daron, do you have a specific digestive enzyme you recommend? I’m on 10bil CFU probiotics, but that still doesn’t help. I’ve been on Huel for about 4 months now and gas is still incredible. Thanks.

Mike, I truly hope it’s not as bad as mine! The potency is next level!!

I’ve used this one with good success. It’ll help whether it’s the protein or the resistant starches that are the problem. It even has lactase enzyme in case you’re using cow milk and the lactose is the issue.

Source Naturals Essential Enzymes 500mg Bio-Aligned Multiple Enzyme Supplement Herbal Defense for Digestion, Gas, Constipation & Bloating Relief - Supports A Strong Immune System - 240 Capsules

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Daron, thank you. I’ve got it ordered and will give it a shot. I love Huel, but for the sake of those around me, I can’t continue to be the methane factory that I am. My “adjustment period” never came, so I hope this helps.

Yesterday I finally tried drinking my Huel much slower than I usually do. Instead of chugging it over 5 to 10 min, I sipped it over an hour. Made a big difference. I was surprised

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Thanks for the advice, I’m in the UK so I had to find an alternative. Starting on them today !

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Same here on the gas I am going to try the different tactics that I see here. Obviously increasing the fiber intake Is going to gas us up, The probiotics might be a good idea

So @Deron I purchased your suggested enzyme and have been taking two pills a day with Huel for two weeks and at first there wasn’t any change. I could make an entire farm of pigs blush with my gas. But over the last three to four days, I haven’t had any gas. I’m hoping this continues! Thanks again for the suggestion.


And of course, the most important thing is to take this enzyme with the start of the Huel dose.