Enzyme advice please

Day 20 of using Huel as a replacement for Lunch only (normal breakfast and evening meal) A few days in I developed horrific toilet issues which has continued without fail. Probably 6-8 trips to toilet in a 24 hour period. Unless this can be resolved I will pack Huel in.
I’m reading that some people have resolved this issue with the use of enzymes and probiotic supplements. Please could some one tell me what products to buy at Wallgreens or CVS. Also the frequency of which to take them. And when I could expect to see something solid in the toilet bowl again… wistful sigh…
Yesterday I found beano at the store (alpha galactosiade) and am trying two of these before every meal. I also found Acidophilus but there is nothing about frequency of dosage on the label. So far no change in my horrific issues… I’m skeptical about the probiotic as I eat a fair amount of yogurt that has probiotic in it.
I like the concept of Huel and it serves the purpose I’m looking for but I cant put up with this. If someone knows something I don’t I would be very grateful for the information.

The common suggestion for people experiencing issues is to stop eating whatever is screwing with your stomach (Huel, maybe, in your case) and then try to reintroduce more gradually after symptoms subside.

Thanks for the reply Eric. However I’m more interested in hearing from anyone who has resolved this issue with enzyme supplements. I.E. which ones, sourced where and the frequency they take them.
As for gradually introducing it, I figured one Huel a day was gradual. I’m really not a fussy eater with a very broad diet and never experienced anything like this.

I can tell you I take Solaray Super Digestaway, but it doesn’t do much. I’ve been on Huel since December of 2018 and I have terrible gas every day. I’ve tried probiotics as well and nothing works to rid the gas.