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Starting huel today using the ready made bottles to start. I am 26 female weight 10 stone. 13.5 I need to lose weight and get back down to 9.10. How can this be achieved. I need help. Is it best to replace all meals with a shake or replace two meals. Help!!!

I recommend They also have an app for android/iPhone. You give it your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and how much weight you want to lose per week and it tells you how many calories to eat to achieve that goal. Then every time you eat anything you log it in the app or website and it tracks the calories you have left for that day. It also tracks macronutrients and some micronutrients. My dad has lost 50 pounds so far and I have lost 35 pounds so far just doing this.

As far as the huel goes, they recommend starting with 1 serving of huel a day for a week or so and then bumping it up to 2 servings a day etc.

Losing weight is about how many calories you eat, not what you eat. Replacing meals with Huel is good for your health and might make losing weight easier by giving you more energy to do things that you don’t even realize, but a person can lose weight eating nothing but 1500 calories of candy per day.

Huel also makes losing weight easier because you can choose how many calories per serving that fits your needs. For example, I use 140g of huel in the big nutribullet cup.

If you’re serious about losing weight you should get a kitchen food scale and weigh every thing that you eat and log it into myfitnesspal. You don’t have to weigh things that already have the calorie information per serving like frozen microwave meals or slices of bread.

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We are happy that you are embarking on this journey in a healthy way! Huel can be a good option to help track your macros and calories but we do advise to ease yourself before going 100% Huel. Perhaps start with 2 shakes per day & then switch to 3 shakes per day as a rule of thumb :pray:t3:

So you reckon two ready made bottles a day and an evening meal? Would that make me lose weight. I don’t want to gain anymore. I need to go back to how I was before I eat everything in sight lol. Need guidance. I have my fitnesspal all to track etc.

How long did it take to lose weight wirh huel. What do yoi recommend I do per day??

Weight loss is a combination of a variety of things. Understanding what your daily caloric intake needs to be is also very important, but not as important as the nutrients you’re putting into your body (IMO). That being said, I’ve lost about 105 lbs now and have managed to keep it off, simply by having two Huel meals a day along with a well-rounded dinner, with a few snacks in between (daily calorie intake not exceeding 2000 for at least 5 days a week). I also get in at least 10k steps a day and have been doing resistance band training at home.

I wouldn’t rush to put a clock on your weight loss goals, as everyone’s body works differently. The goal is to lose it and keep it off, not necessarily lose it as quickly as possible, IMO.

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Thank you. I am 26 Female weighing 10 stone 13.5 can you help me with what you recommend daily intake etc. Thank you.

Here’s a good tool you can use:

And to what others mentioned earlier, I would ease into consuming Huel more than once a day.

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Hi Halley,

So glad you’re starting on your health and fitness journey. I lost 4.2 stone more than 10 years ago and have kept it off.

I’m a big believer in slow and steady weight loss…after all, we didn’t put it on overnight. :slight_smile: I’ve noticed that people who drop weight quickly tend to regain the loss plus more. Aiming for 0.035 to 0.071 stone/week is a good goal.

I agree with the responder above who suggested keeping track of your food intake. Writing it down or recording it in an app is very helpful. I have and use a kitchen scale, set of measuring implements, less now as I’ve gotten very good at gauging what a portion looks like.

Huel is great for weight loss as you can easily and accurately measure your intake. I agree with starting with two bottles of Huel, a healthy snack (fruit … something nonprocessed), and one healthy evening meal (eaten by 5 p.m.). Then you can go to three bottles of Huel.

I drink Huel exclusively on the days I work (3 or 4 weekly), and, on the days I’m off, do either all Huel (combo of drink and one Hot and Savory meal) or Huel and a healthy meal.

I adore the convenience of powdered Huel and the fact that I can precisely and accurately calibrate my calorie intake by weighing the amount I use.

Another tip: Drink plenty of water and herbal teas. Warm beverages will tend to make you feel a bit more satisfied.

I feel really great on Huel. Cravings, if I have any, are minor nagging and short-lived.

Wishing you all good things as you accomplish your goals!

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Thank you so much for your help and your reply is great. So you reckon two huel a day and an evening meal? I have the ready made bottles and also powder but want to use the bottles first. Xx

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I can’t recommend tracking your calories strongly enough. I can easily eat an entire days worth of food in one “well rounded evening meal”. When I first started counting calories I was amazed at just how much I was overeating. I suggest following myfitnesspal’s “lose 1 lb per week” number. It has taken me about 6 months to lose my 35 pounds, but some days I cheated and some days I only had like a 100 calorie deficit. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Just try to make sure every day you have at least a small caloric deficit and you will eventually reach your goal weight.

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Thank you very much. Once the bottles are used up I will have two shakes a day with water and powder. How many calories per scoop?

Hi Halley,

It’s hard to gauge how many calories per scoop because it depends on how packed down or loose the powder is. That’s why I use a kitchen scale.

To get the perfect 400 calorie shake, I used a permanent marker to draw two lines on the side of my blender. One is at the 20 oz mark and the other is at the 40 oz mark.

Then depending upon whether I want to make a single or double batch of a Huel shake, I fill to one or other lines.

Once the water is in the blender container, I put it on my kitchen scale, set a tare weight, and then measure in the appropriate amount of powder mix (either 100 grams or 200 grams).

Give it a whir, and voila! Delicious and accurate calorie count. :smiley_cat:

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As you adjust to starting Huel make sure to stay hydrated.
Dieticians recommend drinking at least half your weight in ounces of water a day just to maintain adequate fluidity; helping your organs function, keep joints lubricated, etc.
Will also help with gas/diarrhea that may occur.
Check out the Recipes section here for some super fantastic ways to whip up shakes, pancakes, cookies…:wink::+1:

Using Huel makes weight loss, by nature of calorie counting, quite easy as you simply know exactly what you are putting in your body. For instance, if you go 3 servings a day, and only drink coffee and water which have no calories, you know you have ingested precisely 1200 calories that day.
1200 calories is probably lower than you want to go for safely losing weight, but the point is, with Huel, there are no hidden calories.
Weight loss has a huge genetic component, same as cholesterol, blood pressure, and other things that we know are health risks (I am fit and relatively thin, but 44 yo with dangerously high blood pressure, and a good friend skinny as a rail and a vegetarian has terrible cholesterol), but among what choices you can make dietary wise, the simple metric of having a rather precise measurement of calories and the ratio of macro-nutrients you are eating makes a huge difference, and is fairly revolutionary in food-history.
Many people use Huel as breakfast and lunch then eat a normal supper (not dinner, dinner is lunch, I am a USA southerner, from Georgia born and raised now live in North Carolina), and an earlier poster is right, it is easy to eat an “entire day’s allowance” in one meal.
Best to make that supper rather sparing. You just want to get your calorie count down to somewhere around 2000 or so, or push it to 3000 if you are a runner. Nobody can do your calorie expenditure estimate for you, but the biggest thing is you don’t want to starve yourself, and don’t want to lose more than about 1 lb a week. Losing weight faster than that isn’t healthy.

Huel has a lot of fiber. It may be best to slowly introduce Huel to your diet before going 100%

Keep in mind Huel is consumed with about 500ml of water with each serving, so if you are to go 100% Huel, keep in mind while checking your weight that your progress may look slow or non existent due to new water weight.

I disagree with the water weight. On days that I only consume huel, my weight the next day is always less than it would be on a low fiber diet. I always lose weight on 100% huel. I think sodium and added sugar affect water weight the most, which huel has ideal amounts of.

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Sodium for sure… If I consume something salty before bed like salted cashews, it hurts the scale the next morning if I don’t down at least half a gallon of water after.