Weightloss help

I want to make sure I’m using the correct amounts for weight loss I find the formulas a littel confusing and I didn’t have a booklet in my shipment.

Current weight is around 285 I’m a 32 year old male not very active but I am on my feet for my job for at least 8 hours ( housekeeping)

First I was thinking of using Huel for breakfast and Lunch and having a normal dinner meal probably just smaller portions.

I was thinking of a on off day rotation of using huel as mentioned above and then the next day a regular meal plan to help with caloric confusion or whatever it is called

What are your thoughts and suggestions?

Also how much should I be using?


Hi Azzael, welcome!

I see there is a lot of information about weight loss on huel.com at Guides & Articles – Huel, the first article seems like it might be part of what you’re looking for.

I would look online for a few calorie calculators that will help you determine what you think your intake should be based on goals and activity levels. I would look at a few, they are all generally in a tolerance of one another I have found but it took me a few to find one that made sense.

You can also add whole food snacks in between the shakes, so you get something in your stomach and help keep your metabolism running a bit higher.

You may want to start with 1 shake a day, then move to 2 once your system is in full acceptance.

I don’t know about caloric confusion, I know you don’t want to drop your calories below a certain amount or you will trigger your body into conservation, not fat burning mode.

Hey Damian, as John said - welcome to the Huel forum!! :grin: And John, I could not have said it better myself!

Just to reiterate, you can use a calorie calculator to help you get a baseline understanding of your daily needs - but this is just an estimation and will likely need to be adjusted as you go! The one linked above asks you to input some information and provides you with a general idea. It is also linked in the first guide/article John mentioned.

In addition, the last point John made is such an important one - you want to be sure you are providing your body with enough nutrients daily and smaller goals over time can lead to more sustainable changes in the longer term.

Let us know if you have any further questions and we are all happy to help!