Please help I'm trying to lose weight

Hi please can anyone help, im 58 years old 5ft1 and 10st I’m classed as over weight, I’ve tried eating 900 calories a day,for 4 weeks doing a 7 mins hit work out 20 mins yoga ,I take my dogs out I’m quite active, I never lost any weight at all, so , I’ve been on huel for one week for every meal 1200 calories plus oat milk in tea so 1400 calories a day , I haven’t lost anything at all , I just don’t know what to do , I’d like to lose at least a stone , how can I eat any less ! I’m so upset, any ideas ? Thanks Tracy :blush:

Hey Tracy,
While Huel is not a weight loss product you can totally use it to achieve your weight loss goals! Here is a helpful link regarding Huel and weight loss: How to lose weight well | Huel Guide
We also have our Weight loss tab on our forum, check it out here: Weight loss - Huel

I know all that about eat less calories, than you burn , it’s seems anything I do I just can’t lose weight, it’s very frustrating for me, at the minute I’m still trying just huel, il try 1200 calories a day see how that goes :sweat_smile:

Hi Tracy,

You are likely eating too few calories. Check out Pahla B on YouTube. She has a great philosophy and plan for women over 50 trying to lose weight. Hormones change at that age and what used to work to lose weight doesn’t anymore. Pahla B has an E Book that has been very helpful for me and thousands of others.

Drink more water (dieticians recommend 1/2 your weight in ounces a day to keep your organs and vitals all working smoothly)
Also can try eating smaller meals (snacking) throughout the day vs sitting down to large meals (i.e.; raisins on a log, fruit/veg n dip, rice cakes)
Ask dr to check your hormone levels
Cut alcohol, sugar, bread, cheese/products