Just Starting Out on Huel

Just starting out on Huel. Today is day 2, I did a 3 scoop shake yesterday and another today.

Day 1 I just did 3 scoops of Vanilla with water, the taste was bland but not bad. The closest thing I could compare it too is drinking plain oatmeal as a liquid.

Day 2 I added ItWorks Chocolate Greens powder and some PB2 to the 3 scoops with water. The taste was better.

I am looking to work my way to 2 shakes + 1 dinner but for now just replacing lunch.

My goal is losing fat \ weight. I have about 35 lbs to lose. I exercise 3-4 times a week doing Crossfit and also play tennis. I know if I can commit to this diet I will lose weight. Of course, I love food so it’s always a challenge.


I just could not get into the taste. I tried several different mixes but it never clicked for me.

Going to keep using a different shake for now.

I have a bag of Huel for sale :slight_smile:

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Sorry that it sounds like Huel didn’t work out for you! I do CrossFit as well and I have found Huel an awesome food to fuel my WODs. Wishing you the best!