Got two shipments of drinks very close to expiration date

I recently got a case of Huel drinks with expiration date 6 days away. My second case has expiration date 3 months away.

I informed the rep and they sent me another case for free. I totally appreciate that. However, when I received the case it has the same expiration date, and this time it was only 2 days away.

At this point I am just a bit concern about their quality control and am reluctant to order more.

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I have to assume, if you received the products recently and with enough time for a representative to send you replacement product, that the products you received were v1.1?

Perhaps the fact that Huel has been planning to have all v1.1 stock be consumed or off their shelves by the time v3.0 rolled around explains why you have received products with expiration dates not so far off from when you received the product. (I assume, if they have been building the release of v3.0 around when they wanted v1.1 stock to be used up, that they also stopped producing and manufacturing v1.1 some time ago.)

v3.0 was released this week on December 18th, 2019.

I wouldn’t necessarily look at this as Huel’s lack of commitment to quality control, so much as you received a product in between version changes.

It sounds like OP was ordering RTD, not powder. I didn’t think the RTD was changing right now.

Oh, you appear to be right. Whoops!