Drinking RTD Passed Expiration Date

My RTDs are expiring on 7/21, never really cared about these dates (unless it’s moldy bread) but figured I’d ask. I have about 25-30 left, I’ll probably go through most of them by then.

Are they good to drink 1-3 weeks past expiration date?

You should probably reach out to customer service.

I figured others here might have had the same experience, I think it should be fine.

We can’t recommend that you consume expired product :confused:

Right, but I’m aware that some companies place a date on their products that are 6 months before the product actually expires or even longer.

Just wasn’t sure if you did the same…

So the date is a best before date, which means you can consume Huel RTD based on safety. However, the quality, and more specifically the vitamin and minerals, will deteriorate past this point.

I can vouch for this. I gave a vanilla RTD to a friend to try. She stored it at ambient for a while then in her car for a while during 25c temperatures then back in her fridge. Eventually I drank it 1 day before the best before date. I gave it a good shake before and while I felt fine the product was only just drinkable. The texture was roughly right but at least one ingredient really didn’t taste very good.

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