Glyphosate testing?


I recently thought i was developing a gluten intolerance but discovered that it was from glyphosate in wheat. Since then ive caught on to what that feels like in my body. Some oats are sprayed round-up so…my question/comment is… Have you had your whole product tested for glyphosate levels? (practically unavoidable) . you could do your part by reducing the consumption of this toxic tragedy by testing your oats, etc and maybe negotiating with your farmers or even finding new ones if you find that any one ingredient (like the oats) have particularly high levels of glphosate


I hope to see a definitive answer to this.

I am under the impression that Huel, the company, cares about responsible stewardship of renewal food resources …and the overall health of its customers - so the pursuit of the highest quality ingredients should be ensuring that they aren’t being poisoned to make harvest easier. I don’t know anything about how oats are harvested or if there is any similarity to the wheat issue you described.

I’m also hoping that since Huel started in UK while they were part of EU food standards, that the abuses allowed in American foods continue to be unacceptable for Huel.

So please *_huel, ease our concerns about ingredient sources … preferably with a link to a statement on your site with references to systainable health practices. :slight_smile:


I agree, I’d like to see tested levels too. Although I’m curious if the regular Huel and gluten-free Huel would have different levels.


I was thinkin the same thing


Hello everyone! Great question. The majority of the ingredients in Huel, both gluten-free and regular, are free of glyphosate. There are a few ingredients that could potentially show trace amounts of glyphosate, but all have tested within the legal limits for safe consumption.