Organic oats at least

Hi I have used Huel and I love it and the idea, however I found out recently that oats are sprayed with pesticide just 2 weeks before harvest to dry them :rage:. The thought of having glyphosate on my food terrifies me. I know you refuse to do a completely organic version but couldn’t you just use organic oats? I buy organic oats a all the time and they are not much more expensive than normal oats. Or perhaps sell it without and we just add our own!

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Hey @diapuss welcome to the Huel forum!

I completely understand your concern, but please know Huel is safe to consume.

With regard to glyphosates, they are commonly used weed killers and trace amounts are commonly found in foods.

We regularly check our products for a range of potential contaminants, including glyphosates. The levels of glyphosates in Huel products are well within the acceptable daily intake (ADI) for both the US and the EU. We and our suppliers also routinely examine our raw materials and these are well below the ADI too.

I also linked a page from our website on “Food Safety and Quality Controls” here, if your interested.

Lastly, one suggestion is to order Huel Black Edition instead as this does not contain oats, and then you can add them in, if you’d like!

Acceptable levels of poison!!
Can’t wait to see what Huel comes up with next…

Then you’d love to hear then how many foods out there have an acceptable level of bug parts and other nasties in them.

I’m quite fond of bug parts in MOST of my food products
Sometimes that’s all they ARE

“The EPA’s legal limit for glyphosate on oats, 30 parts per million, was set in 2008, well before the cancer findings of the IARC and California state scientists.”

Note: That is the EPA who are normally concerned with the environment - e.g. air/water/soil - not necessarily food.

“…links glyphosate exposure even at low doses to reproductive issues as well as neurological and autoimmune diseases.”

Sorry, Charlotte. I just can’t see the use of glyphosate as defensible, and I recommend that anyone who likes oats make the effort to avoid sources laden with glyphosate and beseech Huel to find glyphosate-free sources of oats for your products.

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