Difference with Gluten-Free

Hi! Could someone please tell me what’s the difference between Huel Powder v2.3 and Huel Gluten-Free v2.3

They have the same ingredients and nutrition facts. The difference is:

Huel (Gluten Free) is also free made with gluten free oats, so contains less than 5ppm of gluten.

To ensure there is no gluten contamination, the gluten free oats and products needs quite a bit of extra separation from gluten containing products throughout production cycle (transportation, processing, packaging, etc) which is reflected in the higher price on the gluten free offering.


So there is literally no difference and I wasted money. Wow

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Thank you for the explanation!

Yeah. I just heard gluten is bad and I thought the regular is packed with gluten and this one wouldn’t be.

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Seriously! But I get the difference between gluten allergy and gluten intolerance then ultimately celiac disease. I dont personally need the distinction but still.

Very interesting. But why is this not more widely known? I am not convinced by this one article. Clearly more research needs to be done on the gluten and/or pesticide question.

I regularly read and trust economic magazines for my health advice!

The article links to sites like Mercola and is far from trustworthy. This is fearmongering at best.


Sorry i didn’t cite a respected journal

I assumed anyone who cares could do their own research if they believe (as i do) that GMO is safe as any other product, but its tolerance for growing in poison encourages farmers to spray it with poison.

I’ve seen class action lawsuits with Monsanto for how glyphosate (aka Roundup) has finally been identified as a carcinogen. If people could separate “gmo is bad” from “monsanto is evil” we could be engineering higher-yield crops to feed more people for less acreage - but instead the privilege of non-gmo food exclusivity is worn like a badge of honor.

Whatever. This post will probably also upset someone and it’ll be removed too.

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It’s okay, it won’t get removed discussion is good!

Glyphosate has got a bad rap in some cases and deserved in others. The classification as a carcinogen is a complicated one and it could be argued it’s not just.

In some cases if glyphosate is not used a combination of up to 8 pesticides are used as an alternative which is worse overall.

I totally agree with this.