Difference with Gluten-Free


Hi! Could someone please tell me what’s the difference between Huel Powder v2.3 and Huel Gluten-Free v2.3


They have the same ingredients and nutrition facts. The difference is:

Huel (Gluten Free) is also free made with gluten free oats, so contains less than 5ppm of gluten.

To ensure there is no gluten contamination, the gluten free oats and products needs quite a bit of extra separation from gluten containing products throughout production cycle (transportation, processing, packaging, etc) which is reflected in the higher price on the gluten free offering.

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So there is literally no difference and I wasted money. Wow

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If you don’t have a reason to avoid gluten, why did you order the gluten free version?

fwiw, the difference in price is still less than you’d have spent on almost any less-nutritious food - so it’s not completely a waste. Consider you could be overpaying for food like Blue Apron/etc. where you have to spend 30+ minutes making a meal that leaves you hungry for calories but full of regret. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the explanation!


Yeah. I just heard gluten is bad and I thought the regular is packed with gluten and this one wouldn’t be.

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Gluten might be bad, but perhaps not because the gluten itself is bad.



Seriously! But I get the difference between gluten allergy and gluten intolerance then ultimately celiac disease. I dont personally need the distinction but still.