Concerned about glyphosate

Hey all, long time lurker, on my third bag of Huel and loving it.
Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of reports about Roundup (glyphosate) being very toxic to humans, and that many plant based protein supplements are testing “dirty” for glyphosate. I started to read the back of the bag and there’s plenty in here that could possibly contain glyphosate contaminants.
Can someone please illuminate on whether there’s concern with the plant based ingredients in Huel? I’m certainly not going to start eating only meat for protein, but this is absolutely a concern for me.

Glyphosates are commonly used weed killers and traces are commonly found in foods in minute amounts. We regularly analyse our products for a range of potential contaminants including glyphosates. The media coverage on glyphosate has been grossly over-exaggerated.

The daily allowable amount of glyphosate is 1.7mg/kg of body weight in the US and 0.3mg/kg in the EU and the levels of glyphosates in Huel products are well within these limits. The highest level found per 100g Huel powder was 0.6ppm which is 100 times less than the US limit and 20 times less than the EU level

We and our suppliers routinely examine our raw materials, and these are also well below allowable levels. Indeed, glyphosate levels in Huel products are often absent altogether, for example in our Gluten-Free Huel glyphosates are undetectable. All Huel products are safe to consume and enjoy.


Impossible Foods are also dealing with this sham “glyphosate shaming” and they’re doing a great job taking on the FUD straight away – just make sure you read their line-by-line rebuttal of all the accusations in the PDF they link inside this article:

Thank you for providing the actual levels so I can decide for myself what I’m comfortable with. In no way do I prescribe to MAA’s ridiculous claims, but this is absolutely something to think about when ingesting plant based products as your sole food source, as I have been with Huel for a few weeks now. I will do my own research now that I know the maximum concentration of glyphosate in Huel, and will decide on my own if I am comfortable with the amount of exposure. I do realize that most “normal” foods are of course also exposed to pesticides.
Thanks again for the reply and providing the data in a timely fashion!

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That’s okay Alexander! It’s whatever works for you so hopefully you have all the information you need from us to make an informed decision.