Novel ingredients you'd like to see in Huel

Hello everyone!

I know Huel isn’t likely to comment on the content of future versions of their products, (Gotta keep innovating!) but I wanted to hear from fellow customers (hueligans?) regarding what phytonutrients you would like to see in these future versions. There seems to be a lot of unique perspectives on this forum, and I would love to learn from you all.

I was fascinated that lycopene and other individual antioxidant compounds were added independently as I thought these compounds were only beneficial when part of a “whole food package”. I am certainly not complaining if they are benefiting me!

I am very pleased how oat and flax heavy the formula is. I am a cardiac ICU nurse, and these ingredients are POWERHOUSES in reducing the risk of cardiac disease. (And they are pretty cheap too!) What are your favorite ingredients or compounds in the current formula?

I look forward to reading your responses. Thanks so much!

(I would love to see some peer-reviewed articles supporting your ideas! I am a graduate student, but my background is not in nutrition or biochemistry)

Interesting question! I am sure I will reply when I have an answer as to what I would like to see, but for now, I could say what I never hope to see, and that is phytonutrients from greens, particularly wheatgrass. I have a severe allergy to wheatgrass and will go into shock, so I would have to cancel my order if it ever were added.

In fact, that is a huge reason why Huel, as a vitamin source, is my go-to choice, as it is hypoallergenic.