Getting to Know Our Huelers!


Atlanta here also. Been here since August 2016. Just started Huel this month.


I used to live in Texas, but I now live in Utah.


Albuquerque, New Mexico. Not really new not really Mexico.


Live in duluth Minnesota!!!


New Hueler here, up in Massachusetts.


From sunny Minnesota!


I grew up in CA and NV but have lived all over the country. I live in Iowa now!


I thought nobody lived in Iowa. I though it was just corn fields over there :thinking:


Won’t James Tiberius Kirk be born in Iowa? There’ll have to be SOMEBODY there.


It’s actually more pigs Than People. I’ll be moving to Arizona in about 5 years. The stench here is horrible


Indiana Hueler!! Born and raised!


I grew up in Iowa. I can actually identify types of animals from the smell of their poop. Sheep, pigs, horses, cows and chickens, anyway. Sorry, ladies, I’m taken, but I’m lots of fun at parties!