Gastric Sleeve & Huel

Hello all,

I am a gastric sleeve patient and I was wondering if anyone else has used Huel after a gastric sleeve? I am wondering how much I can actuall consume seeing that I obviosuly have a smaller stomach. The youtube videos I watch seem to show people drinking a huge shake. There’s no way I can consume that much at one setting.

Any info appreciated.

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You can make the shakes in any size that you need/want. I’m currently only using three scoops for my shake but it sill requires a good amount of liquid. Huel keeps in the refrigerator for 24hrs so you can make a batch and drink as you need. I have read letting is soak in the refrigerator makes it less gritty too and I’m trying that tonight. Your best bet for whether or not to use Huel may come from your clinical staff supporting you. Good luck on your journey!


Hey @Drake_Hawkins! We recommend having smaller portions of Huel spread throughout the day. You can view a little more information about there, here:

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