Gastric Bypass Patient

Hello and Good Day All. I am 44 days out of my Gastric Bypass and feeling very well. My new pouch is only 3 ounces. I just bought my 2 bags of Huel regular Vanilla with the shaker and shirt.

A Little Background, my physicians want me at 600 calories and 60-70 grams of protein for right now until my follow up on November 21st 2018. I am tired of drinking the Premier Protein Shakes that have 30 grams of Protein, 1 gram of sugar, 160 calories, 3 grams fat, and 5 grams of carbs. I need help on how I can use Huel (which in my opinion will be a better way of nutrition) to meet my goals? Being that the shaker is 24 ounces, how many scoops of Huel should I use?

It’s hard to answer this in terms of scoops since I have never measured mine. We know from various users that 500 calories is almost exactly 3 and 1/4 leveled scoops. The good news is that once you measure it out a few times, you may be able to convert this to number of scoops and then just go by that in the future. But for now, you’ll probably need to use a food scale.

So using our info from here:

and doing some proportions:

  • 600 calories of Huel = measure out 152 grams. This is probably gonna end up being about 4 leveled scoops using the scooper they provided. But for now, measure it on your scale till it reads 152 grams.

  • This 152 grams of Huel will contain 44.4 grams (round down to 44 grams) of protein. And this is from 2 different sources, so it should contain all the essential amino acids. It will be a “complete protein” in that regard.

  • This 152 grams of Huel will also have 56 grams of carbohydrates (some of that will be fiber, and only about 1 gram of that will be sugar), and 19 grams of fat.

  • 152 grams of Huel would normally be mixed in about 700 ml of water or water/milk. But this can be concentrated more if need be. Be advised that if you want to concentrate it, it’s easier to use a blender than manually shake. For reference, your new stomach pouch is 3 ounces = 90 ml. So, yeah, you’d need to concentrate it. And it may be something you’d drink multiple times a day.

Will the 600 calories be the total amount consumed per day?

Hmmm. For reference, 70 grams of protein is roughly 280 calories (4 calories per gram). So, in essence, 60 - 70 grams of protein will comprise 40 - 45% of your total intake.

So it seems that Huel’s ratio of carbs/fats/proteins won’t allow you to do exactly what you need. Impossible to get 60 grams of protein from Huel and not exceed 600 calories. Do you have a straight-up whey or plant protein powder that you could mix with Huel to tilt the overall ratio more towards protein? Is this 600 calories real strict? I wonder if you’d be allowed to exceed 600 calories in order to get the 60 grams of protein. I imagine the protein is more important that total calories.

To get 60 grams of protein from Huel, you’ll need to measure out 206 grams of Huel, which will then contain 811 calories. IMHO, not a big difference between 811 calories and 600 calories. In any adult this will still be a significant calorie restriction.


Thank you so much. Yes is the answer to the question of will 600 calories be the total for the entire day. So I will drink on that shaker bottle once made for the entire day.

Question about what you mentioned in your response about being concentrated. What do you mean by that.

Meaning that you don’t have to use the recommended amount of water/liquid to mix the Huel. You can choose to use less water to reduce the total volume you need to drink. But if you will be drinking this all throughout the day, then maybe it won’t be an issue. When you mix 152 grams of Huel in 700 ml water, it will become about 800 to 850 ml total volume. This shouldn’t be a problem to drink over the course of a day, even with the gastric bypass. (Unless your doctor has given you a daily fluid restriction.)

I’d recommend keeping it cold/refrigerated in between sipping sessions. It will taste better rather than having it mixed and sit out at room temp all day.

Thank you so much. My huel has been shipped and I cannot wait. I am so excited to be trying something else that I know is a more complete meal. I have tried to eat regular food like fish and broccoli but just don’t tolerate it well and since I am used to drinking I mind as well do it right. Thanks again for info cause now I know what to do.