Gas and Bloating - It's the Sugar Stupid!

Just want to share my experience.

Like others on Huel I had gas to start with. Gas bad enough to kill an elephant or clear out a grocery store. As much fun as it was to cropdust unsuspecting mothers with kids in diapers (they always blame their kids and check their diapers) it took me a while to get the gas under control.

Here’s the thing. Sugar is what I found was fueling the gas and making things worse. Could be as simple as creamer in my coffee or a candy bar. Once I cut the sugar out the gas mostly stopped. Sugar is a high density fuel/energy source that a lot of bacteria thrive on. Sugar is used in home brewing beer to kickstart final bottling fermentation. For referencing’s sake take a look here:

Scroll to the section on Treatment/Management. Reducing excess sugars and carbs are specifically called out in the treatment and management of gas.

So… for those that are having gas problems and also eating sugar. Maybe cutting that out will help with the gas.

Hey. sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble. Congrats on sorting it though!

Sugar is a weird one because if your body is used to it in your normal diet and all you’re doing is adding Huel powder/RTD then sugar is unlikely to be the issue. This is because Huel is low in sugar. What you mentioned about excess carbohydrates (especially complex carbs) is more likely because they can reach the gut undigested.

The condition you linked to occurs specifically in those with alcohol intoxication/liver dysfunction so is not applicable to the general population.

@Dan_Huel - Didn’t mean to say I was having problems… quite the opposite. After cutting sugar from my diet Huel has been awesome for me. I’ve lost 20lbs of fat and gained muscle by using Huel for 2 meals a day along with working out 4x per week at CrossFit.

I’ve been on Huel for 6 months now and it’s been amazing and has changed my mindset on food as a fuel and not as a source of sedation.

I can say with confidence - Huel has changed my life for the better.

I had this issue until I switched to unsweetened Huel with the flavor boosts they offer. The flavor boots only use Stevia. I think the issue was the sucralose in the sweetened Huel.

Sorry for misunderstanding. That makes much more sense. I’m so happy we could help in some small way!

Interesting, it has been suggested a small number of the population have an issue with sucralose. Remember a small amount is used in Huel about half in a can of sugar free soda, so very little.