Frustrating UX / ordering process and bugs

  • There appears to be a bug when adding Chick’n & Mushroom from the “build your own bundle” page. It shows the same price as other flavors even though this flavor is cheaper in the regular ‘savory’ ordering page. The price persists on the next screen but does end up showing the correct(?) lower price in my cart.

  • I tried ‘upgrading’ my multi-category subscriptions to a ‘build your own bundle’, and apparently some of my subscription items are out of stock. The category still shows an orange number indicating that I’m subscribed to some products, but I’m unable to see that they are selected or unselect them. This seems to be another bug. I cannot effectively upgrade and update my subscription to replace out of stock items with in stock items, so I canceled them.

  • Why don’t bulk price discounts take effect across all products? If I add the max 16 bags of savory to my bundle it seems to get cheaper with each bag, but if I add one bag of black I still pay full price for that bag. It all arrives in the same box. Is there some actual logistical reason that it costs Huel more to add a bag from a different category? There is apparently no incentive for me to bundle orders of different product types together into a bigger order, even with ‘build your own’. It doesn’t make sense to just impulse-buy a single bag of a different category to try a new flavor. I will probably spend less money because of this.

  • Prices are not transparent, with some flavors costing more than others, which is extra obscured because you can’t add a single bag (at least not in the specific product type ordering pages) and view the price. The bulk discount algorithm is also not explained. I end up using a calculator, adding things and removing them, just to figure out what adding a bag of certain flavors is actually charging me and to try to figure out the most cost effective way of ordering. Something like universal discounts per X dollars spent on clearly priced products would feel much more like customer appreciation or passing on efficiency savings and less like a frustrating gimmick.

Why the confusing separate ordering process for “build your own bundle” while continuing to require minimum bags for categories, instead of just combining all of this into a single process with a minimum purchase at the cart level, or better yet, why not just a simple minimum $ to get free S&H without restricting small orders?